Young families win after community pressure forces Budget backdown

The Turnbull government has finally got the message about Paid Parental Leave – it has decided against cutting this vital social measure to ensure young families get off to the best start in life.

Since the election of Tony Abbott in 2013, fair access for families for Paid Parental Leave has been at risk. The government has tried to slash Paid Parental Leave four times in four years!

Paid Parental Leave is vital as it allows families to care for their kids but also remain in the workforce.

After a concerted political and community campaign, the Turnbull government backed down in the recent Budget and removed proposed cuts to Paid Parental Leave.

It’s been a long fight but with community support the Turnbull Government finally got the message. Australian Unions have been fighting for workers’ rights like Paid Parental Leave against government attacks and we always will.

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