Unions say Longman voters reject Turnbull’s flawed plan

Queensland Unions say today’s byelection win to Labor’s Susan Lamb in Longman shows the LNP has lost the referendum on which priorities are important to Australians.

Queensland Council of Unions General Secretary Ros McLennan said Longman voters showed they wanted funding for schools and hospitals, as well as better wages for working people, secure jobs and restoring penalty rates, ahead of billions in tax cuts for big business and the banks.

Workers and their families were a central part of the combined union “Change the Rules” campaign in the electorate north of Brisbane.

“These issues have really hit a nerve in Longman,” she said.

“Despite the lies, provocations and distractions from the LNP and One Nation, Longman voters have seen through the smokescreen.”

Ms McLennan said the Turnbull government should now abandon its plan to hand $80 billion in corporate tax cuts for big businesses, including $17 billion to the big banks.

“Today’s outcome shows voters think we should be investing in our future by funding schools and TAFE and providing quality services to working people through our health system,” she said.

“The next federal election can’t come soon enough so voters Australia-wide can also deliver their verdict on this LNP government.”

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