This competition ran from May 2017 – April 2018 and entries are now closed.

As unionists, we all know what a real union thug looks like. They are giving up their time to help with weekend football games; they are hiking for charity; spending time with their kids; caring for their parents; at the P&C or in the men’s shed; diving out of a plane or reading to their grandkids; travelling around Australia and the world. Unionists everywhere are making the world a better place to live.

But you might get another impression from Murdoch-owned newspapers and television channels like Sky News as they continue their campaign to label union members across the country as “thugs”.

This is why the Queensland Council of Unions started an online contest in 2017 called “This is what a unionist looks like”.

Union members from right around the great state of Queensland sent in their photos, showing that far from “thugs” , union members were essential parts of functioning workplaces and civil society.

Over the last year we have shown what union members really look like — out in the community, volunteering, enjoying life and getting stuck in. And now you can see it too on the artwork on display.



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