The apology you make when you … really want to sell public assets

The only thing voters learnt from Tim Nicholls’ apology today is that his sales pitch to sell public assets will be slicker, especially in regional Queensland, if he’s given another chance in government.

Queensland Council of Unions General Secretary Ros McLennan said the Opposition Leader could not whitewash his role as Treasurer in the rejected Newman LNP government.

Nicholls oversaw sacking 14,000 public sector workers across the state, as well as blowing $70 million on the failed “Strong Choices” campaign to sell the idea of privatisation to Queenslanders.

“His strategy of dealing with One Nation preferences on a seat by seat basis shows he is prepared to sneak along in the shadows of Pauline Hanson to avoid questions that all Queenslanders want answered: will he cut jobs again and will he try to privatise public assets?” Ms McLennan said.

“In the regions particularly his plan to privatize public assets went down like a lead balloon,” she said.

“Today’s Claytons apology smells of desperation, not regret. If Tim Nicholls isn’t pandering to One Nation or posing on a bike, he’s pretending that Queenslanders’ solid rejection of LNP policies in 2015 was a communication problem,” she said.

“Queensland workers stood up in electorates across the state to expose the lies and trickery of the government that has Tim Nicholls as Treasurer.

“Queenslanders would be justified in feeling insulted by Nichols’ feeble apology that all he got wrong was the messaging on privatisation and job cuts to front line services,” she said.

“In a time when voters want clarity and honesty from politicians, Tim Nicholls persists with playing footsies with One Nation on preferences, as well as refusing to rule out privatisation.

“As we approach the next election, the only sure thing voters know about Tim Nicholls is that he refuses to accept that Queenslanders do not want their public assets sold off,” she said.

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