Solidarity with all those affected by our bushfire crisis

Australians affected by the bushfire crisis ongoing since mid 2019 are finding these days among the most challenging of their lives.
The scope and impact of these fires are unprecedented, and their effects will be felt many years into the future.
Many of those on the front line of the crisis are trade union members and their families. The Queensland trade union movement stands in solidarity with these workers and all in their affected communities.
Queenslanders suffered their own experience with flood and fire increasingly in recent years, and many workers and their families, and their communities, are still rebuilding their lives, homes and livelihoods.
Many unions affiliated with the Queensland Council of Unions have been at the forefront of recovery efforts here, but are also offering comfort and support to those affected by the most recent Victorian and NSW bushfires.
Unions covering workers in emergency services and community safety have been prominent in offers of assistance to those in affected areas.
We are proud of the efforts of these Queensland workers and those who volunteer their time and energy to assisting in these tough times.
Details of the Government compensation package for volunteer firefighters have recently been released. The QCU will provide more details as soon as possible.
The Australian Council of Trade Unions is also providing practical support and assistance to affected communities.

The ACTU Bushfire Relief fund has been established to especially provide support to union members who may need support beyond that available generally. You can find out more here –> .
The fire affected communities will also need practical assistance with rebuilding after this immediate crisis and therefore the ACTU is also collecting a list of people who can help. Add your name through this link if you can help.

But the best way that we can assist in the short term is by donating money to:

Queensland Unions urges you to give help and comfort in any way you can to those who in need.
As Queenslanders know, in these times it is the compassion, hard work and solidarity expressed by working people that will bring Australia through this fire crisis.
– Michael Clifford, QCU General Secretary

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