Santa’s union helpers make families happy

Unions, staff, members, delegates and supporters have been donating thousands of dollars in money, presents and other gifts to the annual St Vinnies Christmas appeal, as well as many other charity activities.

It is at Christmas that what it means to be union really shines.

This year, Queensland unions and their members cracked the $7000 mark in donations for this Vinnies Appeal, sponsoring disadvantaged families for gifts and supermarket vouchers so they can buy the fresh food and groceries they need, as well as bringing some Christmas cheer into their lives.

The Plumbers’ Union went one better, organising an amazing $32,000 (2,300 presents!) in donations for needy families and foster children for the Kids in Care Christmas appeal.
Melissa Delaware, who works at the Plumbers Union and is a former foster child herself, has donated a present to the Kids in Care Christmas appeal every year. She first got the office involved four years ago, and the donations have increased every year since to a huge level this year that will bring joy to so many children’s faces.

And the Independent Education Union (IEU) and its members collected for the #itsinthebag campaign. This campaign asks for donations to fill bags with necessities, for women who are homeless and are at risk of homelessness, that they might not otherwise get at over the holiday season. The organisers of #itsinthebag realised that we seem to be able to manage the needs of children at Christmas, ensuring they’re cared for and made to feel special, but the same can’t always be said for those women who put the needs of others before their own. IEU members donated 55 bags contributing to the more that 66300 bags donated across Australia.

The wonderful thing about unions is that they care about their members and everyone in their communities. These values of a fair go for all bring us all together no matter what the issue and we will keep working hard to advance the interests of all

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