Prime Minister finds new low with Refugee Ban

Letter sent to The Editor , Courier- Mail, 10 November 2016


Dear Editor,

Malcolm Turnbull’s proposed legislation to ban all people seeking asylum by boat from ever entering the country is a new low from a Prime Minister whose only success has been in finding new lows.

This legislation pushes Australia further from its international obligations. Rather than save lives it will place in harm’s way families who have done nothing wrong but fled war, strife and persecution.

To ban people seeking asylum by boat, yet not by plane, or increasing punishments for immigration offenders of other varieties is a cynical move seen for what it is: scapegoating and bullying of the most vulnerable played out for the benefit of the far right.

Rather than the sign of strength he portrays them to be, these draconian laws are the dying embers of a weak and diminished man willing to do anything, say anything and become anything to cling onto power following his near demise in July’s election.

If Malcolm Turnbull ever held hope of being remembered as a statesman, he has surely abandoned it with the drafting of these laws.


Yours Faithfully,

Ros McLennan
General Secretary
Queensland Council of Unions

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