Petition calls for paid special leave in wake of COVID-19 job losses

Next week federal Parliament returns and Queensland workers will join other Australians who want to put a huge petition in front of Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

The petition wants Parliament to pass laws that give all workers – especially casuals – access to paid leave because of the Coronavirus.


Queensland and Australian workers are facing extreme uncertainty and financial stress due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Morrison LNP Government is failing them by not guaranteeing all workers – permanent, casual and contract – two weeks paid special leave if they need to self-isolate, are sick or their workplace is shut down as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is a public health emergency. We need a response to slow and contain the virus by allowing workers to self-isolate if they have symptoms. This will save lives.

Around 350,000 workers in Queensland do not have any access to paid leave. We need the federal Government to step in and ensure employers are able to fund proper leave for workers who must self-isolate due to these public health concerns.

Supporting workers and their families through this unprecedented crisis should be the federal Government’s top priority. The Government should support businesses to pay this leave – especially small businesses.

Join the many thousands telling Scott Morrison to step up to the plate and back Queensland and Australian workers.


Working people are already struggling with a slowing economy and domestic spending is drying up across the nation. They shouldn’t be left to fend for themselves. Not now, through this pandemic. Not ever.

The Queensland union movement stands with casual and contract workers.

Let Scott Morrison know that in tough times, Queenslanders need a federal Government that will put their well-being first.

Michael Clifford
General Secretary
Queensland Council of Unions

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