NUW Workers picket Caltex Greed

NUW members at the Lytton Caltex Refinery are continuing their strike action into its second week following an attempt by Caltex to cut their wages by 15 per cent.

Today members, delegates and staff from across the union movement joined the striking workers in a show of solidarity against employer attempts to cut wages.

Lead Organiser for the National Union of Workers (NUW) Imogen Beynon said negotiations were continuing with management the plant.

“We hope to get a negotiated resolution soon, but the fact that companies like Caltex think they can try this on shows how out of control corporate greed is at the moment.”

Queensland Council of Unions General Secretary Ros McLennan commended the striking workers and those assembled.

“The corporate greed we have seen from companies like Carlton United Breweries and now Caltex never ceases to astound me for its callousness and complete disregard for the workers who make these companies a success.

“Last year the CEO of Caltex received $14 million. Most of that in performance bonuses as profit increased following the closure of one of the other plants and the loss of hundreds of jobs.

“Now they want to squeeze even more out of honest workers by cutting their wages by 15 per cent.

“Inequality is rising and the gap between the pay of workers and CEOs’ like this one just keeps getting bigger and we need to draw a line in the sand. Why doesn’t he take a 15 per cent wage cut?”

Former QCU president and current President of the Queensland Labor Party John Battams also addressed the crowd.

“The Labor Party is always proud to stand for a civil society and against excessive corporate greed.

“We should never forget that the Labor Party was born representing workers and will continue to do so.”

QCU President and Secretary of the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union (AMWU) said the action at Caltex was only one of many going on as workers got united against an onslaught from greedy companies.

“The AMWU, along with the ETU, have been standing strong in the CUB dispute for months now as they tried to cut our members’ pay and conditions by 65 per cent. I am seeing workers across the state coming together to fight for fair pay and conditions.”

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