MEAA – Equity Organiser

MEAA is seeking an enthusiastic and experienced Organiser to build campaigns and support the Equity Diversity Committee and performers across the entertainment industry.

The position is full time. 

MEAA has offices in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth and the role is able to be performed within any office. 

MEAA staff have the ability to structure their work from office based to home based. There will be some travel and visits to sites needed.

The Media Entertainment & Arts Alliance is the union and leading advocate for workers in the media, entertainment and arts industries. It represents performers, journalists and all other workers in the media, entertainment and arts industries and has over 15,000 members.

Job description 

  • Work with Equity Diversity Committee to build campaigns and deliver real outcomes and change
  • Make a meaningful contribution that strengthens the access and the voice of performers who identify as First Nations and/or people of colour-disabled, chronically ill, Neurodivergent, trans, nonbinary, and/or gender diverse
  • Work with performers from across the union to build industrial power for performers 

About the role 

With the needs of members’ front of mind, the Organiser will focus on growing and maintaining membership levels to build power at work for performers in Australia with a particular focus on First Nations and/or people of colour disabled, chronically ill, Neurodivergent, trans, nonbinary, and/or gender diverse members from person of colour, First Nations, disabled, trans, gender diverse or non-binary person backgrounds.  

They will be responsible for implementing our campaigning, industrial and organising work. 

 Key duties include:  

  • Working with Equity Diversity Committee to develop strategies and plans to change the Arts and Cultural industries
  • Development of workplace organising structures and organise/manage committee structures in nominated areas 
  • Maintaining and building membership levels and union influence to create change
  • Identifying areas of potential membership and developing appropriate strategies to recruit 
  • Building and maintaining the unions’ presence and influence within our workplaces and industry
  • Assist with negotiations for enterprise agreements 
  • Providing basic industrial advice 
  • Providing advocacy where appropriate, negotiation and representation in the workplace or at conciliation conference on matters of pay and conditions, conflict resolution and other matters as appropriate  
  • Training and skills transfer to delegates and leaders 

Download more information about this position with the MEAA.

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