Labour Day 2017

Labour Day more important than ever.

Labour Day is a time when union members come together to celebrate the improvements in wages, conditions and safety won through the sacrifice of workers who have come before us.

But it is also a time to think about the vigilance necessary to keep these wages, conditions, and standards against the constant attacks by the big end of town.

Business is making more profit than ever, yet the amount of that profit going to those who made it possible – the employees – is smaller than ever before.

Why are penalty rates so important? 

Did you ever wonder where weekends came from? Or how the penalty rates that workers are paid on weekends and public holidays were won?

It was long and hard fought campaigns by unions members that saw the creation of weekends, and the establishment of penalty rates to ensure that if workers didn’t get a chance to spend weekends and public holidays with friends and family that they were compensated for it.

But our weekends and penalty rates are under threat with a recent decision by the Fair Work Commission slashing penalty rates for workers in hospitality, fast food, retail, and pharmacy.

If you are a member of a union you are entitled to join in – so why not? If you have any questions, call (07) 3010 2555 or contact your union.

Find the details of your local Labour Day festivities below.