Hospitality United takes shape

December 5 was a time to give the Hospo workers a night off and let them enjoy a drink for the launch of United Voice’s new campaign for Queensland’s Hospitality workers: Hospitality United.

“Never has it been so important for hospitality workers to be united”, James Gartry, an organiser for Hospitality United, said at the event. “Hospo workers could lose up to $100 a week from Sunday penalty rates, which is a pay cut we can’t take and don’t deserve.”

Hospitality United is a support network, providing information and advice for hospitality workers, as well as a crucial campaigning resource to help save your penalty rates.

While the people who work in restaurants, bars and clubs are among the lowest paid in the country, it is estimated that business owners in the industry saved $112 million last year after a Fair Work Commission decision reduced Sunday casual loadings in the sector. Not satisfied, Business and the federal LNP Government are pushing for more cuts to these workers’ wages.

These workers are standing up to ensure they’re treated with the fairness and respect that every hospo deserves.

If you are a hospitality worker or would like to sign up to help the campaign, visit the Hospitality United Facebook Page:

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