Hall of Shame – Baiada Poultry

The name Baiada Poultry was probably not well known before FWO investigations brought this family-owned company national notoriety.

Baiada owns the Steggles brand and had previously publicised their supplying to KFC, Red Rooster, Woolworths and Coles.  Baiada, therefore has certainly been associated with some high-profile national brands.

Baiada had a practice of engaging labour hire companies that were far from reputable.

FWO reports state that Baiada and their suppliers of labour were uncooperative with investigations.

Exploitation was rife amongst a workforce that included overseas workers on working holiday visas.  Record keeping was described by FWO as “inadequate, inaccurate and fabricated”.

Again Baiada’s use of sham contractors was prolific amongst a production workforce were an objective assessment of the work performed would make the suggestion of such workers being independent contractors laughable.

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