FIGHT – Big Steps gains ground in pay fight

More than 3,000 educators in Queensland and across the country stopped work on 7 September in what is the largest early education walk-off in Australia’s history.

They took this big step in their fight for equal pay, calling on the Government to value every child and every educator.

They received amazing support from the community as they walked off.

The action spread from north in Cairns to down in Hobart, from Perth and right over to Townsville.

Educators walked off in our biggest cities, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane – to our smallest like Launceston, Darwin and Mildura.

Meetings of educators – including one at Musgrave Park in South Brisbane – across the country passed an important motion: if the government doesn’t fix this injustice by February 2018, we’ll have a nationwide day of shutdown.

Early educators are serious, Australia would grind to a halt without them, and if that’s what it takes, that’s what they’ll do.

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