Early childhood educators take big steps for pay equity

In an historic action on 8 March, more than one thousand educators walked off the job to demand equal pay!

From Hobart to Townsville to Melbourne to Canberra, Adelaide and Sydney brave, amazing union members proudly marched out the gates with widespread backing from families, politicians and other supporters.

Watch the workers walk out at Logan!

Educators have shown the Prime Minister Turnbull that together, they are a powerful force.

Early educators at the Swallow Street childcare centre in Inala welcome community support for their action from local federal MP Milton Dick.

United Voice members in Queensland and across the nation will keep stepping up the campaign until the Prime Minister values their work and addresses the disgraceful pay equity gap between early childhood educators and other professionals!

Early childhood educators earn a shocking 30% less than they would earn with similar qualifications in a male-dominated industry.  If we value every child, we should value every educator.

Union and community leaders have warmly congratulated the educators who took the huge step of walking off – on International Women’s Day – and a big thanks to every one who supported them.

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