Domestic violence leave in public sector, now for other workplaces

Queensland unions are campaigning hard to enshrine minimum paid family and domestic leave entitlements into National Employment Standards (NES).

The federal government can no longer ignore the vital importance that having special paid leave is for victims to get back on their feet, find a new place to live, put children in a new school, file paperwork, and deal with the legal issues that arise out of family and domestic violence.

Workers from across a range of industries are driving a national campaign to secure 10 days of paid leave for domestic and family violence victims, including a day of action that was held in November.

Some wins have already been achieved. More than one million workers across the country are covered by domestic violence leave from their employers such as QANTAS, NAB, Commonwealth Bank, Telstra and Virgin. Just recently, paid leave provisions were inserted into Queensland Public Service agreements, the ABC granted paid domestic violence leave in its recent collective agreement.

You can help by tweeting and engaging on social media with the hashtag #WeWontWaitDV

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