CUB dispute over!

Queensland union members can feel proud of their role in supporting justice and fairness for the reinstated #CUB55 brewery workers, today invited back to work after 180 days off the job.

The 55 maintenance workers, who were sacked in June, have been invited to return to work at their previous positions at the Melbourne brewery on fair and decent union terms and conditions, which provide job security to the workers.

This is a huge win for the union movement and the thousands of people who participated in the boycott of CUB products right across Australia.

Queensland union members marched, rallied, petitioned for and supported the #CUB55 at every opportunity.
These workers were sacked after they had refused to take a 65 per cent pay cut under a labour hire agreement.

A massive community rally in September outside CUB’s headquarters in James St in Brisbane let the company’s management know that Queenslanders would not let the multinational escape for treating its workers so poorly.

Finally the new owner of CUB, ABInBev, recognised that these workers are an integral part of one of the most successful, productive and profitable breweries in Australia, and deserve every cent of their bargained for wages and conditions.

It’s a clear message to all employers that sham contracting and abuse of the labour hire system will not be tolerated. It’s time the Turnbull government acted on community concerns and cracked down on labour hire so that no other workers have to go through what the CUB 55 have been forced to endure.

Queenslanders will be beside these workers in spirit as they walk back into work on Monday morning with their jobs secure at their full pay and conditions.

It’s also time to end the boycott on CUB products, which are once again proudly union made at Abbottsford.
With Christmas and New Year right around the corner our members and supporters will be relieved to hear that CUB is back on the menu.

Queensland members of the AMWU and the ETU, as well all other union and community supporters, should be congratulated for standing strong beside the #CUB55.

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