Commonwealth drags feet into day 1200 of dispute with workers

Centrelink, Medicare and Child Support workers in Queensland will join national strike action this Friday, as talks aimed at resolving enterprise bargaining within the Department of Human Services have once again failed to break the impasse.

This dispute has now passed the 1200-day mark without the Commonwealth managing to finalise negotiations with its workers.

Failure to reach agreement demonstrates the federal government’s toxic attitude towards its own workers, illustrated in the shameful robo-debt crisis in Centrelink recently.

The CPSU agreed last month to halt previously notified DHS industrial action while the Department withdrew an application on the action, with both agreeing to negotiations overseen by the Fair Work Commission, but the talks have not resolved major outstanding issues in the three-year dispute and DHS have yet to indicate any movement on any unresolved matters.

Rolling strikes will be taken by CPSU members in DHS from Friday, 17 March.

Significant further action is expected in coming months if the department and the Turnbull Government do not move towards a fair and reasonable settlement.

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