Cut the Cuts: Attack on Kindergarten teachers means an increased super gap for women

C&K (Creche & Kindergarten Association), Queensland’s largest early childhood education provider, claims to be an employer of choice for women. But right now they are locked in a battle with Queensland’s kindergarten teachers while they try and take away hard won superannuation entitlements.

Management at C&K have proposed winding back super payments negotiated in previous collective agreements that provide critical extra dollars into these workers’ superannuation and is effectively a pay cut that will be felt in decades to come.

The majority of Queensland’s kindergarten teachers are women. Current Industry Super Australia data shows that the average gap in super balances at retirement for women versus men will grow to around $170,000 by 2030. The super provisions that C&K want to take away went some way to repairing this.

The union for kindergarten teachers, the Independent Education Union, is working hard with its members to stop C&K from doing this, but they need your help.

Please sign their petition:

Already by working together, kindergarten teachers have stopped C&K from cutting redundancy provisions and trying to get employees to work more unpaid hours. But these hard working education professionals need your help to stop their cuts to super.

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