What does a unionist really look like?

Union members are getting a rough time in some parts of the media at the moment. They like to portray union members in a very one dimensional way. They call us angry thugs, lazy, anti-business and trouble makers.

But that stereotype simply isn’t true. Being union is about community, safety, justice, and standing up for what is right.  Union members are involved in every part of the community, from the local footy club, kid’s soccer, volunteering, family, hobbies and charity.

Over the next year we want to show what union members really look like — out in the community, volunteering, enjoying life and getting stuck in.
Use the form to the right to send us your photos so we can share them with the world.


The entrant with the best photo of the year will be presented a $1500 Gift Certificate to Flight Centre to use towards any sort of holiday they like — courtesy of  our Sponsor The New Daily. 

We are also giving away monthly prizes of $250, $150, and $100 to the top three entries — every month!

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What are we looking for?

We are looking for high-res images (larger than 2MP) of you participating in a community activity (such as volunteering, team sport, conferences, charity, dog walking, gardening, visiting family, or at work, etc). Anything that shows that union members are out there, getting stuck in.

The best images will receive prizes, but will also be displayed in physical gallery. So the pictures need to be large and sharp!

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