Small Town Culture is a project from Artist/Musician Josh Arnold working with schools in Towoomba and with the support of the Multicultural Development Association (MDA) and the Queensland Council of Unions that celebrates the growing diversity in Toowoomba.

The Queensland Council of Unions is involved in this project because itĀ fits with the values of the union movement.

This project is all about celebrating diversity and ensuring people of all cultures feel included in our society and in our communities. Feeling welcome and feeling a part of something is the first step to people being able to make a positive contribution.

Imagine the reverse. Some of the students in these videos are from families that have fled traumatic circumstances in other countries. Imagine fleeing horrors only to arrive in a country where you feel excluded. Where people go out of their way to make you feel different and unwelcome. It would add to psychological trauma, it would make it so much more difficult to learn or to find work, it would make it impossible for you to embrace your new country or new community. It would lead to division.

Whether in our communities, our schools or our workplaces, there is one positive thing we can do for all people, regardless of culture, and that is to make people feel welcome and safe and valued. That is the first step in ensuring people can reach their full potential.

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