The wages of 700,000 Australian have been cut, and Malcolm Turnbull, the Liberal National Party and Big Business are looking to cut more. We need your help to protect all of our wages and keep the weekend special. We need your help to draw a line, stand and say that workers spending time away from friends and family, or working unsociable hours need to be compensated.

The two things you can do to protect yourself and those you care about is to sign up for the campaign and to join your union if you haven’t already. 

Joining your union means you believe in protecting yourself and your mates. Union members have won important rights like sick pay, annual leave, penalty rates, reasonable work hours and have achieved such great social gains as Medicare and Superannuation. Join your union today. 

Malcolm Turnbull has declared that he supports the recent cuts to the pay of 700,000 Australians – he supports the biggest pay cut since the Great Depression.
Listen to him talking to Neil Mitchell on Melbourne radio saying what we all knew — 23 March 2017

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Here’s what we need to do:

  1. Make sure we spread the word to everyone who will suffer these cuts, and everyone who cares about these people;
  2. Ask those people to join the campaign;
  3. Join our union, and ask those we care about to join theirs;
  4. Contact our federal MP and find out what they are doing to stop the biggest wage cut since the great depression;
  5. Ask our local businesses what their position is on penalty rates and let them know that we support businesses who do the right thing;
  6. Let businesses who do the wrong thing know we won’t let them get away with it;
  7. Vote for parties and candidates who support protecting penalty rates;
  8. Stay informed about what is happening. Inform our friends and family as well through email, conversations and social media;
  9. and stand our ground.

 We can stop these cuts, and any further planned cuts to the wages of working Australians

Join the Campaign today