Labour Hire Reform

Too many employers are avoiding their responsibilities to provide a safe working environment and to pay workers a fair say’s wage through outsourcing their work to labour hire firms.

Currently Labour Hire firms have no regulation, and as such they can engage in unscrupulous activities designed to undermine had-fought for and hard-won pay and conditions.

We have seen since in the recent Carlton United Brewery dispute, in which CUB used a labour hire firm to remove 55 loyal maintenance workers in order to obtain the same work from a labour hire firm for 65% less.

Any new laws must:

  • Require registration of Labour Hire Firms;
  • Require a bond/ or registration fee;
  • Have enforcement mechanisms buy an independent third party — not self-regulation;
  • Require only fit and proper persons to be directors of labour hire firms; and
  • provide for joint liability — meaning employers don’t get out of their obligations just because they are outsourcing.

There is currently a state government enquiry into new labour hire laws in Queensland that we hope will do much to limit the ability of labou firms to undermine pay and conditions and limit the ability of employers to avoid their responsibilities to workers.

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