Black Lung, the battle we thought we’d won

For decades, the Australian coal mining industry had boasted that it had eradicated the scourge of “black lung”. But that claim has been shattered as more and more instances of the killer disease surface among Queensland and Australian coal miners.

The CFMEU Qld Mining Division has been diligent and determined in exposing the actual extent of the disease, and fighting for proper diagnosis, treatment and compensation for affected workers and their families.

A total of nine cases of Black lung disease are either confirmed or feared in Queensland, with one new case confirmed and another four cases awaiting official diagnosis. It follows four cases reported in November, bringing the total to nine, which could be just the tip of the iceberg.

Take the time to read the CFMEU’s submission to a public inquiry into black lung. It’s a lesson in the dangers of employer-based occupational health monitoring and compliance. It’s why unions need to remain at the forefront of efforts to protect workers’ health and safety.

If you would like to keep up-to-date with the Make Black Lung History campaign – visit the website:

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