New wage calculator shows if you are being ripped off.

Are you being paid the right amount for the work you are doing?

Now the National Union of Workers, the Australasian Meat Industry Employees Union and United Voice has released a calculator to test how fair your wage is.

Simply visit and fill in the hours you have worker, your industry and how much you have been paid and the calculator will do the rest.

One in four Australian workers who checked their pay through this online wage calculator found out they were being ripped off, with staff in the restaurant business the worst affected.

Wage theft of already tiny incomes, along with insecure work, are a major cause of poverty in Australia, as the incessant pressure on Australia’s workers is creating a class of working poor.

There are about one million employees in Australia who form an underclass of working poor, the research shows, and many are migrants or temporary workers.

While union membership is always the best way to protect workers against employer rip-offs, this tool at is an important tool in the fight for fairness. Check your pay today!

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