Electrical Trades Union

The ETU represents all types of members across many industries:
Contracting / Construction, Lift Industry, Supply Authorities, Power generation, Transmission, Coca-Cola, Public & Private Hospitals, Councils, Transport, Fire, Government, Rail, Food & Beverage, manufacturing, Apprentices and many other industries where people undertake work within the electro technology sectors.

In recent years it has become even more important to join your Union. Because Governments and employers have not been playing fair, many Australians are not getting their fair share when it comes to decent wages and working conditions.

You can protect your Rights At Work and ensure you get a fair wage, to pay the bills for you and your family, by becoming a member of your Union.
We know that together, we have more bargaining power and with that strength we can make sure employers and governments respond to the issues that concern us in our working lives.

Employers who have to bargain with ETU members, and have agreements with the ETU, provide much better wages and conditions. Being part of your Union makes us all stronger: United we bargain – Divided we beg.

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