Abortion law reform cannot wait another century

MP for Cairns Rob Pyne has withdrawn his abortion law reform legislation, in the face of an obstructionist Opposition that is content with leaving Queensland in the last century.

This issue will now go to the Queensland Law Reform Commission for recommendations to address the legal uncertainties identified during the Parliamentary Committee’s review of the bills.

The LNP’s backflip showed Tim Nicholls is a weak leader in charge of a party stuck in the past.

However, Queensland Unions will not let the prospect of abortion law reform disappear for yet another generation of Queensland women.

QCU General Secretary Ros McLennan speaks in support of abortion law reform at the rally outside Parliament – click the photo to hear her speech.

Unions will join with community groups to advocate for another attempt to reform Queensland’s abortion laws in a bill to Parliament in the next term of government.

After months of campaigning and real progress on community support-building, this issue cannot fall by the wayside for yet another decade.

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